Sabine Stone Beverley Hypnosis

Hello and Welcome to my Website

Hi, my name is Sabine Stone and I am a hypnotherapist in Beverley and Hull. Since relocating to England some years ago from the Netherlands I have been treating clients with a wide range of issues, including anxiety states, phobias, depression and smoking cessation, etc. I have trained in different training schools to reach a high standard in my work. I have also studied extensively, including achieving an MA in Psychology.

I am very intuitive and able to create a safe space and experience for my clients, all the time being respectful of their challenges. I help clients to become free from their issues and to feel empowered. One of my mottos is that ‘therapy sets you free’.

My areas of specialization include Anxiety and Panic attacks and Past Life Regression. Many other issues can also be helped. Professional help is available for all stress related and behavioural conditions.

If you are interested in coming to me for therapy just phone me on the number below or send me an e-mail.

For those of you who live in a different country and cannot see me in person I offer sessions via zoom / skype.

Whether you are looking for therapy or are just curious to learn more about hypnosis I do hope you find this web-site friendly, professional and informative.

Sabine Stone

Telephone: 01482 870874 / 075 38325823