Driving anxiety is a common form of anxiety. It can vary from being so severe that you’re unable to even sit in a car to simply a hesitation to drive. Occasionally, it tends to develop into a phobia. There can be several fears creating this problem including that of losing control; being in an accident; being trapped inside the car in a traffic jam or fear of fainting.
driving phobiasThe signs of driving anxiety are no different from any other form of anxiety. You feel very scared and everything possible is done to avoid these feelings. It can have an enormous impact on your life, especially when driving is part of a job or something that has to be done every day.
The reasons for this anxiety can vary.  Sometimes the causes are known, maybe because the person has experienced or witnessed an accident. However, often enough there doesn’t seem to be a plausible reason for the fear.
However, there is no need to suffer from anxiety. Why go through life with a handicap that really isn’t needed?

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