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Fear of Death and Dying (necrophobia)

Cure the Fear of Death and Dying (necrophobia) with hypnosis.

Fear of Death and Dying hypnosisMany people are more afraid of the process of dying than death itself. The only certainty we have in life is ‘death’. And absolutely all living things die. It seems that many people fear death and if it isn’t the fear of one’s own death it will be the death of someone we love. While many people are uncomfortable with the topic there are those who dwell on it incessantly, are anxious when being faced with the topic while in conversation, reading about it or if they come across it in some way in day to day life.
Most people can understand to some extent the fear of dying; however, those that have a deep fear find that it interferes with their every-day life. This phobia can lead to panic attacks and often people are scared when they are not in complete control.
The fear of dying is very common and if you live in Hull, Beverley or surrounding areas in Yorkshire, hypnosis is an excellent way to release this fear completely. Sometimes people have memories of when this fear started but more often than not people are unaware of what may have caused it. This makes no difference to the hypnotherapy treatment. Either way the sufferer can be free to live a life free of fear.

Fear of Crossing Bridges

Quite often the fear of bridges is associated with a fear of heights though this isn't always the case. There are many reason how this fear has come to pass, maybe you witnessed an accident on a bridge, or maybe at some point you looked down and were shocked at the height of it, maybe you or somebody fell off a bridge. However, most people cannot remember how this fear started.

Fear of Flying and Air Turbulence ( aerophobia aviophobia )

fear of flyingFear of Flying and Air Turbulence ( aerophobia aviophobia )

Fear of flying is a common fear which can really get in the way of enjoying a holiday or a business trip. Hypnosis can completely eradicate this fear and help to make you more confident about flying.

Studies show that one in ten people have a fear of flying while many more people are very uncomfortable about it. This fear affects people in different ways. Each person has their own trigger for it. For those that would like to enjoy a holiday abroad it can be a disaster from the moment they buy their flight ticket. They will worry incessantly and the moment they arrive at their holiday destination they start worrying about the flight back home.

It may be worst at the airport or maybe during landing or gets very bad the moment there is turbulence. It’s well known that flying is one of the safest ways of travelling, much safer than going by car, but this knowledge does not usually calm the sufferer as a fear or phobia is a conditioned response which creates an automatic response in the mind whenever flying is brought to mind. Although on a rational level we may know that air travel is the safest method of travelling, logical arguments aren’t terribly useful when there is a deep fear and they certainly don’t prevent the anxious feelings that flying causes.
As a Hypnotherapist I usually find that something has happened that caused this fear in the first place. It doesn’t make any difference whether we consciously remember this experience; our subconscious mind does so without us even realising it. The fear of flying is caused by the subconscious which wishes to keep you safe, now however, this safe-keeping mechanism is out of order and overly protective.
Hypnosis helps you to understand this and to clear the issues that may be causing the fear in the first place.
I usually find that most people who come to me for help with this issue are able to free themselves of this unnecessary, life-limiting fear.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis in Hull and Beverley

Hypnotherapy for smoking is one of the most effective ways to stop an unwanted habit whether you're in Hull or Beverley. It is important that you want to stop smoking for yourself rather than for your partner or friends. At times when somebody else is asking you to stop and pushing you it can be a little more difficult to get a positive result.
Hypnotherapy works by entering into a very relaxed state, a trance-like state when the mind is more open to suggestions. The therapist can introduce new thought patterns and generally tell you all the things you know on a conscious level, such as that smoking can be bad for your health, its smelly and expensive etc. As the body and mind are so relaxed the subconscious takes it on and new thought patterns can be introduced.
Many people have some worries about stopping smoking of which the most common one is that they’ll gain weight instead. However, if smoking gets replaced with anything else than the client hasn’t really stopped a habit but simply acquired another one. It is important to address this during the hypnotherapy session. Smoking used to be a social activity, and was often used as an excuse to smoke. This has changed quite dramatically so over the last 10 years especially since the smoking ban in public places around Beverley, Hull and the whole UK.

Beneath are some of the benefits of stopping smoking:

  • More energy (carbon monoxide makes it harder for your body to function fully. More oxygen will help you feel more alert and awake)
  • Healthier immune system (often have fewer colds)
    More money (just calculate how many cigarettes you smoke per day and you’ll find that you make a considerate saving each month)
  • Breathing (difficulties in breathing change rapidly after stopping smoking)
  • Better looking skin (Smoking can age the skin. After stopping you find that the complexion gets brighter)

Ultimately, stopping smoking can help you to live a longer, healthier life. It’s never too late to become a non-smoker with Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis in Hull and Beverley

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking

Many people are terrified to speak in public.  I understand that this is the number 1 fear in America. Some of the reasons are they are worried of making a fool of themselves, maybe saying the wrong thing or forgetting what to say, being too self-conscious, lacking confidence etc. It can be a daunting thing to stand in front of a group of people and give a presentation.

Hypnotherapy can help to eliminate anxiety by making use of the power of the subconscious. First of all it teaches clients to stay calm and relaxed and of course eliminates possible issues to do with lack of confidence. There are different techniques that are used to prepare clients to speak in public or to prepare them for an actual event where they have to speak in front of people.

I often share with my clients a range of stress management techniques which can help them to stay calmer and more focused, as well as using hypnotherapy and EFT to neutralise the fears and anxieties. I estimate that around 80% of phobias improve dramatically when I do this.

Needle Phobia – Trypanophobia

Needle Phobia - Trypanophobia

Using hypnosis or hypnotherapy it is possible to release a needle phobia, a fear of needles or a fear of injections. A fear of injections is the more common version of it and one that is difficult to completely ignore. Anybody wishing to visit a foreign country where an inoculation is required beforehand, needing a dentist appointment that requires an injection or an operation will have to face this fear.

The reactions a person can have to this phobia are much the same as those of other fears, the wish to run away, difficulty breathing, panic or maybe passing out. This phobia can endanger a person’s life by having them avoid important dental or medical treatment. Some of my clients have been so scared of needles that they have literally fought the dentist and the dental staff whilst they have been lying in the dentist’s chair.

A needle phobia can originate from the past, often a traumatic childhood event that involved physical pain, maybe seeing somebody else’s fear, maybe being restrained as a child whilst having an injection, etc. Sometimes I have found that the phobia comes from a previous lifetime or even a trauma in the life of an ancestor that has been passed down in some way through the genes. In this case hypnotic regression is the best process to release or reduce the fear. With other clients visualisation techniques whilst in a pleasant hypnotic state of relaxation has reduced the phobia.

I may use some NLP techniques to neutralise the fear, or even EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which involves tapping on different energy points on the body to release the phobia. Most of these methods work extremely well, with around 80% of my clients experiencing great results quite quickly.

Fear of being sick – Emetophobia

Fear of being sick - Emetophobia

feeling sickThis fear is one of the most common phobias. It is debilitating for anyone suffering with it.  People with this fear tend to avoid public places where there is a likely incident such as a pub or a restaurant. These people will make great detours to avoid such places. For people who have young children it is even more distressing as they cannot cope with their child being sick. The majority of people I have worked with are in a constant state of tension because of it. This fear also makes people avoid situations where they could catch a disease.

It often develops during childhood during some incident that the child interpreted wrongly in some way. During regression a person can remember such incidents and thus release tension attached to it but also start interpreting the event through the eyes of an adult. With some clients I use NLP techniques to neutralise the fear (one particular method, if my client can remember the event that caused the phobia in the first place, can work in minutes!).

I often use EFT, which involves tapping on different acupressure points on the body, to eliminate the phobia.

These methods (and others which I have in my ‘tool bag’ including hypnosis) mean that a phobia like this can be reduced and released very effectively. You do not have to suffer for the rest of your life. You can become free of this life-inhibiting fear.

If you live in East Yorkshire, Hull or Beverley, let me help you with hypnosis, EFT and NLP techniques.


Claustrophobia Help with Hypnotherapy

claustrophobia HelpMany people seek hypnotherapy to help them overcome irrational fears and phobias. These fears can be debilitating and impact the quality of life. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to release unnecessary fears. Claustrophobia is a fear of being in an enclosed space, a fear of not being able to escape when wanting or needing to. It is common for this to end in a panic attack or in acute anxiety.

The sufferer may experience it as feeling trapped and unable to breathe. Sometimes people can get away with it for a long time. However, there comes a point when it needs to be overcome, for example when needing an MRI scan or maybe wanting to go away by airplane, etc.

There is no need to live with a fear like that and claustrophobia can be cured completely with the right treatment. Sometimes in hypnosis it’s possible to work on the roots of the phobia (ie something in the past that has caused it) and release it, with other clients I might use NLP techniques to neutralise it. Some of my clients have experienced great benefit from using EFT, which can also help to let go of phobias.

I tend to tailor my approach to the needs of the individual client, depending on their ability to go into hypnosis (some people are very good at hypnosis, as they have a natural ability to go into trance). Always, the aim is to allow my client to be free of the phobia and its limiting fears as quickly as possible.

Eating only certain foods – Treatment Hypnotherapy

We had a client who had an issue that needed help with only been able to eat certain foods and wanted to try a second session after a positive first one.

Client profile

• Sex: Male
• Age :17 years old
• Reason for Treatment: Eating only certain foods
• Lives in: Beverley
• How long was the session: 1 and 30 mins
• Repeat Client: Second session of hypnosis
• What job do they have: Student
• Where did the treatment take place: Came to my practice in Beverley
• Category :Anxiety, hypnosis, Hypnotherapy

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