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PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) treatments

For most people recovery from stress or a difficult situation is a natural process which doesn’t require any outside help. However, for some, certain traumatic events can trigger a reaction which can last for a long time. This is known as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. It is a condition that shows itself physically and psychologically. PTSD describes a number of symptoms that happen after an event which was in some way frightening or life-threatening. A frightening event could be anything, for example an accident, a difficult birth, witnessing something stressful or being a victim. It is common for discharged soldiers to suffer from PTSD.

Being in such a situation can seriously impact the quality of a person’s life. The symptoms are not always visible straight after the incident occurs. It can be delayed by months and sometimes years. Signs of PTSD include sleep disturbances and insomnia; hyper vigilance (always being on edge); exaggerated startle response; an avoidance of stimuli. Individuals sometimes relive the traumatic events through nightmares or flashbacks. Ongoing stress in life will often trigger PTSD symptoms and the sufferer will typically become stuck in a loop of stress and PTSD triggering each other.

I usually find that a combination of Hypnotherapy and EFT are very effective at breaking into the cycle and reducing the negative feelings that can often be overwhelming. My client is able to start feeling easier inside and then experience a cycle of calmness and ease in the situations that used to trigger the anxieties that were fuelling the PTSD. I sometimes also teach stress management techniques to help the healing process along.

PTSD is very distressing but it usually responds very well to hypnotherapy and EFT.


Old ‘Triggers’

Old ‘Triggers’

When we have emotionally painful or upsetting experiences in childhood we generally are unable to understand or process these experiences.  Although our parents would comfort us when something upsetting or traumatic occurred, we would still hold on to the trauma because we have been hurt or wounded emotionally. That old hurt resides in our subconscious mind.

Later on, at some point in our adult life a significant emotional event or experience might happen that triggers that old pain. This can be an overwhelming feeling often resulting in panic attacks, anxiety or even physical illness. Simply remembering a painful event will not release that pain but more likely make the person more determined not to think about it again.

However, in a relaxed, hypnotic state and a safe environment these situations from the past can be released fairly quickly and in a safe way. There can be some reliving of the old emotional pain but that pain is only temporary and the client often instinctively knows it’s safe to let go now.

The general description that many of my clients give after such an experience is that of lightness and an ease that hadn’t been there before. All it takes is to make the decision to be healthy and happy and the courage to go through this experience.

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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression and Therapy

We have all lived many lives. Many events and memories of previous past lives are stored within us. However, it can happen that these memories are brought with us to our current life. Unlikely as it may seem these can have physical or emotional effects on us.

You will be taken to a very relaxed state in order to discover what the root cause of the problem is. This will allow your body and mind to begin a healing process. Past life regression can help with many different health problems such as anxiety, phobias and many problems where the real cause is not known. Exploring some of your past lives can help you to increase knowledge about yourself, eliminate pain, discover a purpose to your life and also eliminate certain habits that stop you from growing.

Regression therapy is the perfect way to solve problems that are hidden in our subconscious. The experience we have in therapy is always relevant to what is important at that point in our lives. Quite often people experience more self-confidence because therapy revealed certain talents the person had in the past. Sometimes it lets the client see mistakes made in the past and thus allow him to avoid making the same ones in this life.

Regression therapy is an extremely useful tool in helping with relationship problems too. Often emotions can be released that seem to have been locked inside and affected the person's health. The subconscious remembers everything that ever happened to a person. One example for this would be that when we meet new people, visit new places often we have feelings or ideas about these people or places without ever having met them in this life.

There is no human being without difficulties. We all experience problems in different ways and certainly handle them differently but nevertheless we all have problems. However, as unwanted as problems are they do help us to grow and become the person we can be. People who are tested in spiritual ways have the chance to become more faithful while a person who is tested mentally might become more resilient.

However, since we all have problems anyone can benefit from hypnotherapy to discover the best in oneself.

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stop biting nailsNail biting is a very common habit. It tends to start in childhood and continuous throughout adult life. Many nail biters are embarrassed about their habit. The habit is usually made worse by stress or anxiety. It is an unconscious behaviour and many people bite their nails in inappropriate situations.

Hypnotherapy can help you to relax, help you to cope with stressful situations. Hypnosis can help you to break this unconscious habit.

No matter how much you make up your mind to stop biting your nails, quietly your hands creep toward your mouth and before you know it, you’re chewing again. Conscious decisions can be powerful but often the problem is that you haven’t addressed the need that drives you to nail bite.

Fears/Phobias, Lack of confidence or Depression and physical pain

Here we have a list of problems that we fixed for clients by identifying the root cause of a problem they had.


Many clients I see are afraid of flying. Jonathan came to me with the same problem. He had tried to fly and left the plain twice when there was still a chance to get out. In his case the fear wasn't so much of flying but being in a small space.  It turned out that when about 11 years old a friend as a joke had locked him into a coal bunker (only for a couple of minutes). In trance he could release this fear and is now able to fly and enjoy himself.

Lack of confidence

Not feeling confident is a very common issue and the causes are different for each person. The girl ‘Helen’ had always felt shy, not daring to speak up and out of place. In her case we worked on childhood issues but also on a past life in which she was unwanted and treated badly. In that particular life she was punished for speaking up and ended up in prison.  Helen’s life improved dramatically after that session.

Depression and physical pain

Michael came to me because he simply didn't know what else to do. He suffered with depression and had done so for many years. We worked on experiences that happened when he was a teenager but also on a couple of past lives when he was killed by being hung.  The interesting thing about Michael’s session was that it completely cleared the pain in his neck he had had as long as he could remember. He now feels free and can move his neck as it is supposed to move.

Stuttering or Stammering

Stuttering or Stammering

Stuttering or Stammering hypnosisA person who stammers experiences a block of speech when they cannot get a word out, repeat a syllable or prolong a sound. Quite often stuttering begins in childhood and tends to happening more to boys than girls. The severity of the stutter differs from person to person.  Stuttering is caused by a number of factors such as environmental ones or genetic ones. It is common that there is a psychological link to it such as the experience of trauma, stress and commonly being bullied.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful as stuttering is often caused by anxiety and stress. Hypnotherapy helps to release anxiety, teaches new reactions and builds confidence. It will help you to relax when you get triggered by certain situations. It can also help by neutralising the emotional root causes of the anxiety, which are the traumas from the past that are locked in the sub-conscious. This can help to create a state of inner peace in the mind, as it heals the emotional wounds from the past.


Most people feel down at some point in their lives. While this is not a lasting state there are those people who suffer from it at an almost permanent basis. These are the people that are going through depression. It makes you feel locked in your own body by a feeling of permanent sadness and nothing seems to work to get out of this prison cell. Depression is caused by underlying emotional feelings that have not been released. These unresolved emotions may make you feel that your life is worthless.
Through hypnosis you get the opportunity to completely resolve these unconscious emotions. Once they are set free they have no more power over you and won’t affect your life and how you live any longer. Usually, it is also possible to find out where these emotions originate from as not everybody is aware of why they feel the way they do.
With depression the root cause lies in the subconscious and all conscious attempts to resolve them mostly turn out to be superficial or even futile. This is the reason why some therapies make you feel better for a while but never completely resolve the depression. If you really want a permanent solution the very source of the depression has to be addressed.
Unlike psychotherapy, hypnotherapy isn’t an intellectual exercise. During the session you are provided with a safe and very relaxed environment, just right to let go of all the emotions that cause your life to be less than perfect.
During traditional hypnosis sessions you are given many suggestions. These will only offer a short-lived release. By using regression therapy you are able to work on the root cause of the problem you can live the life that allows you to live to your full potential.

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