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Stop Vaping

A lot of people feel proud when they stop smoking and replace tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes. This feeling doesn’t usually last very long since it appears that you have once more given up your control to something else.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD

OCDs and the behaviours that go along with it are always just symptoms. They begin in a moment of fear, helplessness or vulnerability, usually, but not always, in childhood. In hypnosis we are able to go back to the moment when the OCD started.

Breakup Heartbreak

It seems unbelievable what impact heartbreak can have on your life. Something that was perfect the day before, or last month or maybe a year ago can now be completely empty and meaningless. Heartbreak is powerful and at some point it isn’t just an emotion any longer, not something you ‘have to go through’.

Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a popular option for people wanting help with their gambling problem. The aim is to address the addiction but especially the underlying problems that are the cause of the addiction. Many people gamble occasionally for fun, such as at the football world champion chips or at a horse racing events. For the majority of people occasional gambling is not a problem.
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Toilet Anxiety

toilet fearMost Hull and Beverley people don’t admit to feeling anxious but those who suffer from a toilet phobia are unlikely ever to admit this.

They fear humiliation, being laughed at or not being understood. There are a number of fears relating to toilets such as a fear of urinating in public toilets or in the company of others (paruresis). The most common problem occurs when men cannot urinate in the company of others; women too can find it difficult if there are people in the toilet or nearby cubicles.

Other aspects of toilet anxiety include the sufferer having a fear of contamination and also a fear of not being able to find a toilet when needed. This latter element is one of the factors of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which is also effectively treated using hypnotherapy and regression therapy.

So if you live in Hull, Beverley, Swanland, North Ferriby, Hessle or any other villages in the area please get in touch and lets discuss the hypnosis help I can give you.


Fear of Flying and Air Turbulence ( aerophobia aviophobia )

fear of flyingFear of Flying and Air Turbulence ( aerophobia aviophobia )

Fear of flying is a common fear which can really get in the way of enjoying a holiday or a business trip. Hypnosis can completely eradicate this fear and help to make you more confident about flying.

Studies show that one in ten people have a fear of flying while many more people are very uncomfortable about it. This fear affects people in different ways. Each person has their own trigger for it. For those that would like to enjoy a holiday abroad it can be a disaster from the moment they buy their flight ticket. They will worry incessantly and the moment they arrive at their holiday destination they start worrying about the flight back home.

It may be worst at the airport or maybe during landing or gets very bad the moment there is turbulence. It’s well known that flying is one of the safest ways of travelling, much safer than going by car, but this knowledge does not usually calm the sufferer as a fear or phobia is a conditioned response which creates an automatic response in the mind whenever flying is brought to mind. Although on a rational level we may know that air travel is the safest method of travelling, logical arguments aren’t terribly useful when there is a deep fear and they certainly don’t prevent the anxious feelings that flying causes.
As a Hypnotherapist I usually find that something has happened that caused this fear in the first place. It doesn’t make any difference whether we consciously remember this experience; our subconscious mind does so without us even realising it. The fear of flying is caused by the subconscious which wishes to keep you safe, now however, this safe-keeping mechanism is out of order and overly protective.
Hypnosis helps you to understand this and to clear the issues that may be causing the fear in the first place.
I usually find that most people who come to me for help with this issue are able to free themselves of this unnecessary, life-limiting fear.

Fear of being sick – Emetophobia

Fear of being sick - Emetophobia

feeling sickThis fear is one of the most common phobias. It is debilitating for anyone suffering with it.  People with this fear tend to avoid public places where there is a likely incident such as a pub or a restaurant. These people will make great detours to avoid such places. For people who have young children it is even more distressing as they cannot cope with their child being sick. The majority of people I have worked with are in a constant state of tension because of it. This fear also makes people avoid situations where they could catch a disease.

It often develops during childhood during some incident that the child interpreted wrongly in some way. During regression a person can remember such incidents and thus release tension attached to it but also start interpreting the event through the eyes of an adult. With some clients I use NLP techniques to neutralise the fear (one particular method, if my client can remember the event that caused the phobia in the first place, can work in minutes!).

I often use EFT, which involves tapping on different acupressure points on the body, to eliminate the phobia.

These methods (and others which I have in my ‘tool bag’ including hypnosis) mean that a phobia like this can be reduced and released very effectively. You do not have to suffer for the rest of your life. You can become free of this life-inhibiting fear.

If you live in East Yorkshire, Hull or Beverley, let me help you with hypnosis, EFT and NLP techniques.

Old ‘Triggers’

Old ‘Triggers’

When we have emotionally painful or upsetting experiences in childhood we generally are unable to understand or process these experiences.  Although our parents would comfort us when something upsetting or traumatic occurred, we would still hold on to the trauma because we have been hurt or wounded emotionally. That old hurt resides in our subconscious mind.

Later on, at some point in our adult life a significant emotional event or experience might happen that triggers that old pain. This can be an overwhelming feeling often resulting in panic attacks, anxiety or even physical illness. Simply remembering a painful event will not release that pain but more likely make the person more determined not to think about it again.

However, in a relaxed, hypnotic state and a safe environment these situations from the past can be released fairly quickly and in a safe way. There can be some reliving of the old emotional pain but that pain is only temporary and the client often instinctively knows it’s safe to let go now.

The general description that many of my clients give after such an experience is that of lightness and an ease that hadn’t been there before. All it takes is to make the decision to be healthy and happy and the courage to go through this experience.

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Fears/Phobias, Lack of confidence or Depression and physical pain

Here we have a list of problems that we fixed for clients by identifying the root cause of a problem they had.


Many clients I see are afraid of flying. Jonathan came to me with the same problem. He had tried to fly and left the plain twice when there was still a chance to get out. In his case the fear wasn't so much of flying but being in a small space.  It turned out that when about 11 years old a friend as a joke had locked him into a coal bunker (only for a couple of minutes). In trance he could release this fear and is now able to fly and enjoy himself.

Lack of confidence

Not feeling confident is a very common issue and the causes are different for each person. The girl ‘Helen’ had always felt shy, not daring to speak up and out of place. In her case we worked on childhood issues but also on a past life in which she was unwanted and treated badly. In that particular life she was punished for speaking up and ended up in prison.  Helen’s life improved dramatically after that session.

Depression and physical pain

Michael came to me because he simply didn't know what else to do. He suffered with depression and had done so for many years. We worked on experiences that happened when he was a teenager but also on a couple of past lives when he was killed by being hung.  The interesting thing about Michael’s session was that it completely cleared the pain in his neck he had had as long as he could remember. He now feels free and can move his neck as it is supposed to move.