Anxious in Yorkshire? Don’t suffer any longer.

Book a session of hypnotherapy today! Does hypnotherapy help with anxiety? Oh, yes, it does. And it is most certainly faster than talking therapy, CBT and of course medication. By using hypnosis, anxiety can be cleared from the place where it started. It is my experience that people find that their anxiety is greatly reduced after just one session.
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Help with Anxiety

Most people experience anxiety at some point in their lives. For some, however, it can escalate into panic attacks and a constant state of discomfort. For some, anxiety comes on suddenly, while for others it develops over a period of time. It is made worse by the expectancy of it. Often people are not sure what is causing them to feel that way.

Help for Anxiety, Stress and Panic attacks

Anxiety is a common human reaction to stressful events. Everybody worries from time to time. When people have anxiety disorders or suffer from panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depression, anxious feelings, coping with stress and so forth, those fears and worries don’t pass quickly. Quite often their anxiety intensifies over time causing panic attacks.

Anxiety Treatment in Hull

PHOBIAS use HypnotherapyThe majority of clients in Hull and Beverley I see come to me for help with anxiety or even panic attacks. While many of these clients have seen counsellors and been to the doctor they were left feeling the way they did before they sought help. While talking to somebody about your feelings and worries, etc. can be very helpful it isn't always the answer to a deep-seated anxiety problem. In fact it usually isn't. Some fears are so deep and some issues stem from a long time ago that they simply can’t be talked away.

In addition to this many people have no idea why they feel the way they do. In other cases they know exactly when they started feeling anxious but still can’t stop feeling that way.

While working with me in hypnotherapy we will nearly always work on the underlying root causes, no matter whether they are known or not. There are different ways of working with it and I have a very high success rate in terms of releasing and softening anxiety-based issues. Problems that have been there for years often can be shifted in a short space of time under hypnosis.

Clients leave feeling much lighter, better than they've felt for a long time. Anxiety isn't something that should be managed as we don’t have to live with it in the first place. Hypnotherapy can help you to live your life freely and easily.

If you live in Hull, Beverley or East Yorkshire contact me today to book in a session to move forward with me "Sabine Stone".

Fear of Crossing Bridges

Quite often the fear of bridges is associated with a fear of heights though this isn't always the case. There are many reason how this fear has come to pass, maybe you witnessed an accident on a bridge, or maybe at some point you looked down and were shocked at the height of it, maybe you or somebody fell off a bridge. However, most people cannot remember how this fear started.

Clients: Anxiety, Panic attackes

  • Sex: Male
  • Age : Mid 70s
  • Reason for Treatment: Anxiety, Panic attackes
  • Lives in: Elloughton
  • How long was the session: 1 and 45mins
  • Repeat Client: Second Session
  • What job do they have: Retired
  • Where did the treatment take place: Came to my practice
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Stuttering or Stammering

Stuttering or Stammering

Stuttering or Stammering hypnosisA person who stammers experiences a block of speech when they cannot get a word out, repeat a syllable or prolong a sound. Quite often stuttering begins in childhood and tends to happening more to boys than girls. The severity of the stutter differs from person to person.  Stuttering is caused by a number of factors such as environmental ones or genetic ones. It is common that there is a psychological link to it such as the experience of trauma, stress and commonly being bullied.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful as stuttering is often caused by anxiety and stress. Hypnotherapy helps to release anxiety, teaches new reactions and builds confidence. It will help you to relax when you get triggered by certain situations. It can also help by neutralising the emotional root causes of the anxiety, which are the traumas from the past that are locked in the sub-conscious. This can help to create a state of inner peace in the mind, as it heals the emotional wounds from the past.

Panic attacks

panic attack helpPanic attacks can be terrifying for the person who is suffering from them. They are caused by an overload of anxiety and the symptoms are usually very clear. Someone having a panic attack will usually experience palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, feeling of losing control etc.
Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in treating panic attacks and is certainly more effective than the use of medication which only treats the symptoms but not the underlying root courses. We tend to remove these attacks completely by working on the root problem. It is not necessary for the client to know where the problem originates from, but it is usually one or more past events that contain some form of distress.
By releasing the anxiety in these events the panic attacks subside and they do not return.
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FEARS and PHOBIAS use Hypnotherapy

One type of issue that I work with frequently are fears and phobias. There are hundreds of recognised phobias and probably even more that aren’t recognised. A phobia is an irrational fear often leading to a very irrational response, an extreme reaction. Many people suffer from phobias and quite often have panic attacks triggered by phobias.

PHOBIAS use HypnotherapyA doctor can do very little about it other than prescribe drugs. The aim whenever I work with phobias is to either considerably reduce the phobia or to completely eliminate it. This is done in a variety of ways, sometimes by regressing back to the root cause of the fear, sometimes by using hypnotic suggestions, sometimes by using NLP techniques that can often work very quickly and successfully.

For me as a therapist it is very satisfying to help a client get his life back. I have dealt with many phobias, the most common ones probably being fear of flying, fear of snakes, fear of water, fear of vomiting, agoraphobia and claustrophobia.

Hypnotherapy is probably the finest treatment process for fears and phobias, and works in the vast majority of cases.

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