Help for Anxiety, Stress and Panic attacks

Anxiety is a common human reaction to stressful events. Everybody worries from time to time. When people have anxiety disorders or suffer from panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depression, anxious feelings, coping with stress and so forth, those fears and worries don’t pass quickly. Quite often their anxiety intensifies over time causing panic attacks.

Hypnosis Help for Depression

Everyone feels down at some point but depression is different from feeling down. Depression is often defined as being "down" for a prolonged period of time, for more than two weeks and when symptoms begin to interfere with your life. These symptoms of depression vary for different people. People with depression almost always report being down and also having a lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed. Other symptoms include: feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, fatigue, feeling constantly pessimistic, feeling constantly sad, anxious or empty and changes in sleep patterns, aches and pains, loss of appetite, not performing well at work or school, avoiding contact with friends and having problems in your family and home life.
Depression can make you feel lonely and helpless. J.K. Rowling in ‘Harry Potter’ describes it as ‘all the joy, warmth, and happiness feels like it’s being sucked out of the air’. Often people suffering from depression for a long time are left with only the worst experiences of their lives. They seem to freeze on the inside. They are prisoners in their own minds.
Often people cannot even remember ever having been well, they think they have always been this way. They struggle to find enjoyment in things they used to do. There is often not enough energy left to do basic chores.
Depression is difficult, soul-destroying even. It’s an illness affecting the mind. No one wants to become a prisoner of their mind. It can be helped because we are meant to have joyful lives filled with love for everything including ourselves.
The aim of hypnotherapy is to target the root cause of the issue and that way release the problems. Often people depress or forget the cause of depression because of the association with negative feelings. It’s very common to forget an event on a conscious level, but it is impossible to do on a subconscious level. It is always best to get to the root cause and confront the issue, rather than forgetting about it, which can worsen the depression.
Good therapy works with the subconscious mind and that’s exactly what a good hypnotherapist does.

Fears/Phobias, Lack of confidence or Depression and physical pain

Here we have a list of problems that we fixed for clients by identifying the root cause of a problem they had.


Many clients I see are afraid of flying. Jonathan came to me with the same problem. He had tried to fly and left the plain twice when there was still a chance to get out. In his case the fear wasn't so much of flying but being in a small space.  It turned out that when about 11 years old a friend as a joke had locked him into a coal bunker (only for a couple of minutes). In trance he could release this fear and is now able to fly and enjoy himself.

Lack of confidence

Not feeling confident is a very common issue and the causes are different for each person. The girl ‘Helen’ had always felt shy, not daring to speak up and out of place. In her case we worked on childhood issues but also on a past life in which she was unwanted and treated badly. In that particular life she was punished for speaking up and ended up in prison.  Helen’s life improved dramatically after that session.

Depression and physical pain

Michael came to me because he simply didn't know what else to do. He suffered with depression and had done so for many years. We worked on experiences that happened when he was a teenager but also on a couple of past lives when he was killed by being hung.  The interesting thing about Michael’s session was that it completely cleared the pain in his neck he had had as long as he could remember. He now feels free and can move his neck as it is supposed to move.


Most people feel down at some point in their lives. While this is not a lasting state there are those people who suffer from it at an almost permanent basis. These are the people that are going through depression. It makes you feel locked in your own body by a feeling of permanent sadness and nothing seems to work to get out of this prison cell. Depression is caused by underlying emotional feelings that have not been released. These unresolved emotions may make you feel that your life is worthless.
Through hypnosis you get the opportunity to completely resolve these unconscious emotions. Once they are set free they have no more power over you and won’t affect your life and how you live any longer. Usually, it is also possible to find out where these emotions originate from as not everybody is aware of why they feel the way they do.
With depression the root cause lies in the subconscious and all conscious attempts to resolve them mostly turn out to be superficial or even futile. This is the reason why some therapies make you feel better for a while but never completely resolve the depression. If you really want a permanent solution the very source of the depression has to be addressed.
Unlike psychotherapy, hypnotherapy isn’t an intellectual exercise. During the session you are provided with a safe and very relaxed environment, just right to let go of all the emotions that cause your life to be less than perfect.
During traditional hypnosis sessions you are given many suggestions. These will only offer a short-lived release. By using regression therapy you are able to work on the root cause of the problem you can live the life that allows you to live to your full potential.

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