Behaviour Change

Hypnosis can definitely help change your behaviour. Do you find that you are frequently angry, that you keep blaming others? Is it difficult to keep your anger under control? Behavioural patterns are frequently learned in our early years.

Fears/Phobias, Lack of confidence or Depression and physical pain

Here we have a list of problems that we fixed for clients by identifying the root cause of a problem they had.


Many clients I see are afraid of flying. Jonathan came to me with the same problem. He had tried to fly and left the plain twice when there was still a chance to get out. In his case the fear wasn't so much of flying but being in a small space.  It turned out that when about 11 years old a friend as a joke had locked him into a coal bunker (only for a couple of minutes). In trance he could release this fear and is now able to fly and enjoy himself.

Lack of confidence

Not feeling confident is a very common issue and the causes are different for each person. The girl ‘Helen’ had always felt shy, not daring to speak up and out of place. In her case we worked on childhood issues but also on a past life in which she was unwanted and treated badly. In that particular life she was punished for speaking up and ended up in prison.  Helen’s life improved dramatically after that session.

Depression and physical pain

Michael came to me because he simply didn't know what else to do. He suffered with depression and had done so for many years. We worked on experiences that happened when he was a teenager but also on a couple of past lives when he was killed by being hung.  The interesting thing about Michael’s session was that it completely cleared the pain in his neck he had had as long as he could remember. He now feels free and can move his neck as it is supposed to move.