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Does hypnotherapy help with anxiety? Oh, yes, it does. And it is most certainly faster than talking therapy, CBT and of course medication. By using hypnosis, anxiety can be cleared from the place where it started. It is my experience that people find that their anxiety is greatly reduced after just one session.
What is anxiety? Anxiety is that feeling as though our nervous system is on edge and obviously the brain is part of that nervous system. Anxiety is felt in our bodies (panic attacks, sinking stomach, tight chest, lump in the throat and so forth) and our thoughts usually race along. Many other symptoms are the result of being anxious, such as sleeplessness, poor focus, restlessness, frustration. When we feel this way we will usually agree to take any sort of medication with a desperate need to feel better.

The causes of anxiety are varied! Anxiety can be caused by events from our past, our current life, or of course worries about the future. Events from the past can be experienced as traumas, emotionally upsetting situations that are difficult to let go of. These events make us feel that we are not safe. In this way we are always on the look-out for the next disaster or we might feel that we are not able to cope with life, the fear of not being good enough and feeling overwhelmed. Life in the present can seem out of control. So much to do, jobs, family, not enough time alone, breakups, money issues, divorce, children etc. We naturally want balance in our lives and when balance is not in reach the continuous feeling of frustration and stress becomes anxiety. Worries about the future are always worries about situations that haven’t yet happened and might never happen. If we cannot accept that the future is uncertain we will keep worrying about it. The mind worries about imaginary problems and, of course, for such problems no solution exists.

How does hypnotherapy heal anxiety? Hypnotherapy can help you regain calmness. Even if you don’t know the cause of your anxiety I will help you to resolve it. Hypnotherapy will remind the deeper part of you that there is no threat, that you are safe, and that it is perfectly normal to relax. Defences can be lowered and your nervous system and mind can relax. Together we will reprogram limiting self-beliefs - old beliefs that often make us feel overwhelmed when there is a tiny challenge. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool and it is important as to what your mind is focusing upon. Everything can be learned - trust, optimism, faith, hope. Hypnosis is such a powerful state. There really is no need to keep suffering from anxiety.