Most people feel down at some point in their lives. While this is not a lasting state there are those people who suffer from it at an almost permanent basis. These are the people that are going through depression. It makes you feel locked in your own body by a feeling of permanent sadness and nothing seems to work to get out of this prison cell. Depression is caused by underlying emotional feelings that have not been released. These unresolved emotions may make you feel that your life is worthless.
Through hypnosis you get the opportunity to completely resolve these unconscious emotions. Once they are set free they have no more power over you and won’t affect your life and how you live any longer. Usually, it is also possible to find out where these emotions originate from as not everybody is aware of why they feel the way they do.
With depression the root cause lies in the subconscious and all conscious attempts to resolve them mostly turn out to be superficial or even futile. This is the reason why some therapies make you feel better for a while but never completely resolve the depression. If you really want a permanent solution the very source of the depression has to be addressed.
Unlike psychotherapy, hypnotherapy isn’t an intellectual exercise. During the session you are provided with a safe and very relaxed environment, just right to let go of all the emotions that cause your life to be less than perfect.
During traditional hypnosis sessions you are given many suggestions. These will only offer a short-lived release. By using regression therapy you are able to work on the root cause of the problem you can live the life that allows you to live to your full potential.