Help with Fear of Crossing Bridges with Hypnosis

Beverley hypnosis Fear of Crossing BridgesQuite often the fear of bridges is associated with a fear of heights though this isn't always the case. There are many reason how this fear has come to pass, maybe you witnessed an accident on a bridge, or maybe at some point you looked down and were shocked at the height of it, maybe you or somebody fell off a bridge. However, most people cannot remember how this fear started.

Unwanted thoughts pop into people’s heads when they think about being on a bridge. Often the thought of having to drive or walk over a bridge causes tremendous anxiety. Really high bridges or bridges that cross water seem to be particularly scary. People who are terrified will do anything so as not to have to cross a bridge such as making journeys much longer than necessary or planning them far in advance. It can certainly get in the way of enjoying holidays or even work.

It is most likely that at some point the person has had an experience that frightened them and that somehow got linked to bridges. The logical mind will know that the fear is groundless but our subconscious doesn't listen to logic. The solution can only be found in the subconscious, in the place where the problem is coming from in the first place.

Here in Beverley near hull, we can help the person who is terrified of bridges to overcome this fear with hypnosis and return to a neutral state. You ought to be able to cross a bridge being at ease as there really is no reason to go through life with fear.