fear of flyingFear of Flying and Air Turbulence ( aerophobia aviophobia )

Fear of flying is a common fear which can really get in the way of enjoying a holiday or a business trip. Hypnosis can completely eradicate this fear and help to make you more confident about flying.

Studies show that one in ten people have a fear of flying while many more people are very uncomfortable about it. This fear affects people in different ways. Each person has their own trigger for it. For those that would like to enjoy a holiday abroad it can be a disaster from the moment they buy their flight ticket. They will worry incessantly and the moment they arrive at their holiday destination they start worrying about the flight back home.

It may be worst at the airport or maybe during landing or gets very bad the moment there is turbulence. It’s well known that flying is one of the safest ways of travelling, much safer than going by car, but this knowledge does not usually calm the sufferer as a fear or phobia is a conditioned response which creates an automatic response in the mind whenever flying is brought to mind. Although on a rational level we may know that air travel is the safest method of travelling, logical arguments aren’t terribly useful when there is a deep fear and they certainly don’t prevent the anxious feelings that flying causes.
As a Hypnotherapist I usually find that something has happened that caused this fear in the first place. It doesn’t make any difference whether we consciously remember this experience; our subconscious mind does so without us even realising it. The fear of flying is caused by the subconscious which wishes to keep you safe, now however, this safe-keeping mechanism is out of order and overly protective.
Hypnosis helps you to understand this and to clear the issues that may be causing the fear in the first place.
I usually find that most people who come to me for help with this issue are able to free themselves of this unnecessary, life-limiting fear.