freedom hypnotherapyConsider some of these statements:

  • I always have to eat late at night.
  • Nobody really likes me.
  • I can’t drive in the dark.
  • I hate walking.
  • The list is endless.

These are the sort of thoughts that run through our minds endlessly. These are also the thoughts that reflect our beliefs. When we frequently expect bad stuff to happen and frequently think negatively then we don’t even try to make the things that we truly want come true. You can challenge these kind of thoughts. Become aware of your thinking!

  • Ask yourself:
  • Is this really true?
  • Does it help me to think this?

Challenge those beliefs. The moment you do, your life may change in wonderful ways.

At times beliefs are strongly ingrained, in hypnosis we can get to the bottom of it and release whatever it is that is stopping you from being kind to yourself.