Needle Phobia - Trypanophobia

Using hypnosis or hypnotherapy it is possible to release a needle phobia, a fear of needles or a fear of injections. A fear of injections is the more common version of it and one that is difficult to completely ignore. Anybody wishing to visit a foreign country where an inoculation is required beforehand, needing a dentist appointment that requires an injection or an operation will have to face this fear.

The reactions a person can have to this phobia are much the same as those of other fears, the wish to run away, difficulty breathing, panic or maybe passing out. This phobia can endanger a person’s life by having them avoid important dental or medical treatment. Some of my clients have been so scared of needles that they have literally fought the dentist and the dental staff whilst they have been lying in the dentist’s chair.

A needle phobia can originate from the past, often a traumatic childhood event that involved physical pain, maybe seeing somebody else’s fear, maybe being restrained as a child whilst having an injection, etc. Sometimes I have found that the phobia comes from a previous lifetime or even a trauma in the life of an ancestor that has been passed down in some way through the genes. In this case hypnotic regression is the best process to release or reduce the fear. With other clients visualisation techniques whilst in a pleasant hypnotic state of relaxation has reduced the phobia.

I may use some NLP techniques to neutralise the fear, or even EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which involves tapping on different energy points on the body to release the phobia. Most of these methods work extremely well, with around 80% of my clients experiencing great results quite quickly.