Old ‘Triggers’

When we have emotionally painful or upsetting experiences in childhood we generally are unable to understand or process these experiences.  Although our parents would comfort us when something upsetting or traumatic occurred, we would still hold on to the trauma because we have been hurt or wounded emotionally. That old hurt resides in our subconscious mind.

Later on, at some point in our adult life a significant emotional event or experience might happen that triggers that old pain. This can be an overwhelming feeling often resulting in panic attacks, anxiety or even physical illness. Simply remembering a painful event will not release that pain but more likely make the person more determined not to think about it again.

However, in a relaxed, hypnotic state and a safe environment these situations from the past can be released fairly quickly and in a safe way. There can be some reliving of the old emotional pain but that pain is only temporary and the client often instinctively knows it’s safe to let go now.

The general description that many of my clients give after such an experience is that of lightness and an ease that hadn’t been there before. All it takes is to make the decision to be healthy and happy and the courage to go through this experience.