Past Life Regression and Therapy

We have all lived many lives. Many events and memories of previous past lives are stored within us. However, it can happen that these memories are brought with us to our current life. Unlikely as it may seem these can have physical or emotional effects on us.

You will be taken to a very relaxed state in order to discover what the root cause of the problem is. This will allow your body and mind to begin a healing process. Past life regression can help with many different health problems such as anxiety, phobias and many problems where the real cause is not known. Exploring some of your past lives can help you to increase knowledge about yourself, eliminate pain, discover a purpose to your life and also eliminate certain habits that stop you from growing.

Regression therapy is the perfect way to solve problems that are hidden in our subconscious. The experience we have in therapy is always relevant to what is important at that point in our lives. Quite often people experience more self-confidence because therapy revealed certain talents the person had in the past. Sometimes it lets the client see mistakes made in the past and thus allow him to avoid making the same ones in this life.

Regression therapy is an extremely useful tool in helping with relationship problems too. Often emotions can be released that seem to have been locked inside and affected the person's health. The subconscious remembers everything that ever happened to a person. One example for this would be that when we meet new people, visit new places often we have feelings or ideas about these people or places without ever having met them in this life.

There is no human being without difficulties. We all experience problems in different ways and certainly handle them differently but nevertheless we all have problems. However, as unwanted as problems are they do help us to grow and become the person we can be. People who are tested in spiritual ways have the chance to become more faithful while a person who is tested mentally might become more resilient.

However, since we all have problems anyone can benefit from hypnotherapy to discover the best in oneself.