Stuttering or Stammering

Stuttering or Stammering hypnosisA person who stammers experiences a block of speech when they cannot get a word out, repeat a syllable or prolong a sound. Quite often stuttering begins in childhood and tends to happening more to boys than girls. The severity of the stutter differs from person to person.  Stuttering is caused by a number of factors such as environmental ones or genetic ones. It is common that there is a psychological link to it such as the experience of trauma, stress and commonly being bullied.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful as stuttering is often caused by anxiety and stress. Hypnotherapy helps to release anxiety, teaches new reactions and builds confidence. It will help you to relax when you get triggered by certain situations. It can also help by neutralising the emotional root causes of the anxiety, which are the traumas from the past that are locked in the sub-conscious. This can help to create a state of inner peace in the mind, as it heals the emotional wounds from the past.