Most of us have an enormous number of beliefs and opinions about how life works, that we trust blindly and never question. It is a little like following a book of rules that we inherited but have never even read. Listening and obeying some of these rules is perfectly fine and serves us well. However, when it comes to choosing one’s life path it may be worthwhile to re-examine some of these rules. There is nothing wrong with occasional compromises but it isn’t helpful to start off by assuming we have to make them. Just because you haven’t got the background to run a pub doesn’t mean you can’t do it, just because you have children and a certain life style doesn’t mean you cannot go travelling. We can decide which compromises we are willing to make or if indeed any.

It is helpful and enlightening to make them consciously which is a far better way than assuming that there is no other way. The best way is to examine our beliefs and to throw out assumptions that stop us from doing what we want to. It is also the simplest way to avoid having to make compromises.

Do you feel that you cannot move forward or do you feel stuck? Re-examining your beliefs can help and I can help you by gaining some clarity.