OCD helpOCDs and the behaviours that go along with it are always just symptoms. They begin in a moment of fear, helplessness or vulnerability, usually, but not always, in childhood. In hypnosis we are able to go back to the moment when the OCD started.

Compulsions often have to be repeated over and over before it feels to the sufferer that an upsetting thought has been cancelled out: it appears to be the only way to reduce the anxiety. These worrying thoughts can be just about anything: illness, dirt, harming someone, etc. For example, thinking about dirt and germs can lead to constant hand washing and cleaning.

Touching every part of certain materials, licking something many times, checking doors repeatedly, collecting certain materials, having a need for objects to be in a certain order… these are all examples of obsessive compulsive behaviour that I have encountered and treated.

Occasionally the link between the behaviour and the origin of the obsession is very clear. At other times it is a little more difficult to find a logical connection, and this is where I can be of help.

The compulsion to do something tends to become more urgent over time and more frequent repetitions are needed to reduce the tension. This is extremely exhausting, both for the person and everybody else involved in their lives. I worked with a client who spent hundreds of pounds per month on tissue paper! You can see how this behaviour is likely to impact a person’s social life.

Most people, who have OCD and wish to lead normal lives, find that the fear of letting go of the habit is enormous: it is the familiarity of it that gives people a false sense of security and comfort.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD can be linked to a mental health issue too.

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