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My name is Sabine Stone, and I'm a hypnotherapist based in Beverley; I also offer my expertise online for those who can't meet with me in person.

Hypnotherapy can alleviate many different issues that may be overwhelming your life, or the life of a loved one; these include anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self-sabotage, self-harm, PTSD, fear, phobias, trauma, and smoking, to name but a few.

Professional treatment and guidance can provide you with the strength and support that you need to lead a free and self-determined life; if you are struggling with pain from the past or worries about the future, therapy might be the answer you are looking for. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for change, and can even be a cure.

I have dedicated myself to achieving the best possible outcome for my clients through calm, straight- forward therapy. Please call me to discuss how I might be able to help you. For those who cannot see me in person, online sessions are available, and are highly effective.

I look forward to meeting and helping you.

Most Recent News

8th March 2021


Self-care is simply about doing things that make us happy. Activities that we do that make us feel good emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This can range from creating a meal or reading a book to running a marathon
26th February 2021

Ancestral Memory

Just as a positive memory can be inherited, traumatic painful memories can also be inherited. These experiences are stored within the subconscious mind and with hypnotherapy it is possible to access them.
25th February 2021

Past Lives

Many cultures and groups of people believe in rebirth. Reincarnation is usually a religious belief but the idea of reincarnation is also presented in other ways such as regression therapy where people recall previous lives and memories. Therapists use past life regression therapy to help overcome fears and anxieties. Past life regression can be unbelievably transformative and beneficial. It has the potential to help release pain, fears and limiting beliefs.
25th September 2020
Anxious in Yorkshire Don’t suffer any longer

Covid 19 and Anxiety

Anxiety is a common response to situations that may hurt us or those we love. At this very moment we are living in a situation which none of us have experienced before. The demand for us to isolate is a very stressful for many people. One of the biggest issues is the degree of loneliness that many of us experience. People are worried about their health and that of their family and friends. Other worries such as work, money, education play a part in this too. Those who […]
15th June 2020

Binge drinking

Why? For lots of reasons. Often just something that developed over time by going out with friends, to emotional issues such as work pressures, divorce etc. and sometimes the thought that the only way of having a good time is to drink. It tends to become a crutch and yet like all people who drink too much there is that wish to be in control. We will be working on any emotional causes behind the drinking but also working with your subconscious mind by changing beliefs and habits. […]
15th June 2020

Reduce Alcohol Intake and Change Drinking Habits

Is your drinking out of Control? With hypnosis, the mind is more easily able to listen to positive suggestions and therefore to change alcohol drinking habits. In much the same way as we have learned to watch TV at a certain time or eat breakfast we learned to drink alcohol at specific times. It means the drinking habit is just that- a habit – a programme in our mind. The amount we drink tends to build up over time and becomes harder to change. Living in this world […]
29th May 2020

Inner voice / mental chatter

All the voices, all the noise inside our minds are simply a way to not feel all that stored up the pain. For most people that mental chatter never seems to stop. It's always talking without many breaks. Once we begin to pay attention to feelings and start to trust that we can handle our emotional experiences, the constant chatter will slow down and intrusive thoughts begin to diminish.
18th May 2020


Worrying about what people think of you? It is rare for people not to worry about other people’s opinions. We are all guilty of it. Although some people have a much harder time because their worries gets out of hand and becomes a form of social anxiety. Eventually everything we do and say is influenced by how we believe others to perceive us.  “If I get an easier job what will they think of me? People will think I am slow if I don’t do A-levels. I look […]