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"After suffering a very dark spell of depression. I was advised to give Hypnosis a try. The first hypnotherapist that I visited did a great job of pulling me out of the darkness but I knew that there was still something not quite right and I could feel the darkness creeping back again so I decided to get help from a more qualified Hypnotherapist. Sabine was so warm and friendly that I felt at ease from our first meeting and I trusted her completely. All through our sessions, she made copious and detailed notes which she kept referring back to.

This, along with her skill and professionalism uncovered so much baggage from my childhood (most of which I had completely forgotten but all of which was affecting my ability to have a normal happy life). 6 sessions later we have had so many highs and lows, laughter, and tears I feel like I have really been through the wars but boy do I feel better.

I am a completely different person. Happy, content, positive, and loving life. Don't get me wrong, all the memories are still there, but there is no emotion attached anymore. A bit like looking at someone else's wedding photos and trying to look interested. Take my advice, forget everything you think you know about hypnotherapy and invest a bit of time and money in yourself and start living again.

This lady will change your life. "

— Tony


"I can’t recommend Sabine at Beverley hypnosis highly enough, I’d been to see her before when I lived in Beverley but after I posted about my dieting last week she contacted me and said she thought she could help. And wow I didn’t really think I had any eating issues but I feel so much freer after the session (all via Skype). No thought of eating even, I eat when I’m hungry don’t if I’m not. Where as before I was thinking about what I should eat constantly. Everyone should go and see Sabine whatever their issue because like me with my eating you probably won’t even realise how bad it was until after and you feel free! I’m not on commission by the way!"

— Amy S.

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