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Dysfunctional Behaviour

Rachel had been a ‘functioning’ alcoholic for more than 15 years. She needed two bottles of wine each evening. She was overweight and very unhappy. Apart from some issues in childhood we found that her problems related to a number of Past Life traumas. In all of them she was left bereaved which may explain her fear of forming relationships. Rachel stopped drinking and now feels good in herself.


Fears, Phobias, Anxieties & Panic Attacks

Many phobias appear to have their roots in Past Lives. Emma came to me with a severe fear of water. She was unable to ever have a bath or stand under a shower fully immersed. Nothing dramatic had happened to her in this life to warrant such a fear which she already demonstrated as a child. In one of the Past Lives we found that Emma and the entire crew of a ship drowned which left her with an enormous fear. Emma has since gone swimming to the pool which she could never have done before.


Fear of Losing Her Partner & Parents

Annette came to see me because of a fear of losing her partner and parents. She’d phone them many times each day to make sure they were alright. If they didn’t answer the phone she’d be in a panic. It turned out that in a previous life she had lost her whole family during a war. She was only a young child. The trauma of this experience stayed with her which is the reason she had to check constantly if her parents were alright. This one Past Life cleared her fear completely and she became almost unrecognisable to her parents.


Lack of Confidence

Often treated in hypnotherapy and frequently relating to childhood insecurities but not always… Michael was very shy and felt extremely frustrated about it. He found any sort of communication difficult. Most people thought him strange. His sub-conscious led us to a Past Life where he was tortured and spent many years in prison, seeing people being killed. It was a strange session but the change in Michael was dramatic when he came back after his first session as he talked more freely and said people had noticed a change.


Physical Illness

We teach clients that most illnesses are caused by locked- in feelings. Tony came to see me for anxiety and depression. She also had pain moving her head and neck, although doctors had never found anything wrong with it. We worked on several Past Lives. In all of them she got hurt by her neck, strangled and hung. The side effect, apart from releasing the anxiety, was that she was able to move her neck freely, something she had never been able to do.



One of the most common Past Lives experienced by clients seems to be a torture of some sort. Harry came to see me for depression. He was tired of taking anti-depressants that didn’t seem to make much difference to how he felt. He was moving a lot while he was laying in the chair in hypnosis. However, he was unable to see what was happening. This is quite often the case as not everybody is visual. Sometimes the client may also not be meant to see it. We call this a kinaesthetic release when a body moves and releases energy in that way. He knew that he was being tortured. His depression decreased rapidly and he felt like a new person.


Fear of Swimming

After 30 years of not going swimming, Lucy finally took the plunge. How did this happen? Lucy came to see me, very anxious and not knowing where this anxiety stemmed from. Trying out hypnotherapy had been suggested to her by friends and finally, being fed up with feeling this way, she made an appointment. She was also worried that she would transfer this fear to her young children.
Her subconscious took her almost instantly to an event in childhood when she went swimming with her family while on holiday. In anybody else’s thinking, this would not be considered a traumatic event. Though for little Lucy, it was exactly that. While in water, a big carp swam past her and brushed her legs. In hindsight she thinks it terrified her because there had been talk of sharks beforehand. The memory of this experience and the release of energy that came with it completely cleared the swimming problem for Lucy. She also realised that it wasn’t just this event that made it impossible for her to go swimming but that it had been compounded by years of talking about how she couldn’t go swimming. Most people thought it was silly and ridiculous but it kept being reinforced. It may not sound like a huge fear but anything that scares us is preventing us from living freely. For Lucy, it has been a complete success, as she can now enjoy holidays with her children.


Past-life Regression

Past-life regression therapy has become a popular topic in recent years, with some individuals seeking to explore the possibility of having lived past lives. While some may simply be curious about their past lives, others see past-life regression as a way to address mental health issues that they believe may be rooted in past-life traumas.
For example, Oliver, a man who was experiencing severe anxiety, experienced a traumatic memory during a past-life regression session. He believes that the memory he experienced happened in China. In the memory, he was imprisoned in a cold and dark cell, with just a bit of light coming in through a small gap in the wall. Oliver remembers feeling that he had been captured for speaking out.
Oliver's experience is not uncommon among those who have undergone past-life regression therapy. By revisiting these memories and exploring their origins, individuals like Oliver hope to gain a better understanding of the emotional issues they may be experiencing in their current lives. For example, Oliver's feelings of discomfort when asked his opinion at work and his aversion to dark rooms may be related to the trauma he experienced in his past life.
Many clients have reported positive experiences with past life regression.. It can be a powerful tool for addressing mental health issues such as phobias, addictions, anxiety, and depression. By exploring past-life traumas, individuals may be able to identify and address the root causes of these issues, leading to greater emotional healing and well-being.
I cannot provide concrete evidence to support the existence or non-existence of past-life regression. However, after facilitating numerous sessions and observing consistent patterns in people's experiences, the effectiveness of the therapy seems to speak for itself.
Believing in reincarnation is not a prerequisite for benefiting from past-life regression therapy. Sometimes clients think their past-life experience was imaginary. The validity of the experience is not the most important factor. I encourage clients to consider whether the experience holds any relevance to their current life. Even if the experience was not "real," the important takeaway is the lesson that can be applied to their present circumstances.

These are just a few examples of how fascinating Past Life Therapy can be. However, not everyone regresses into Past Lives and many experiences are not as dramatic or indeed as graphic as the ones described above. Though, the healing that takes place in such a session is very deep and long-lasting.

Most people that come and see me don’t have much knowledge about reincarnation. They come because they need help with something that needs fixing. They are ordinary people from all walks of life and they get better.

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