4th July 2022

Changing Negative into Positive

Our past is our foundation until we release negative beliefs about it. Often these are relationships in which we believe we could have done better.
21st June 2022


Most people whose heart has been broken look for all sorts of remedies. Medication, homeopathic remedies, alcohol, food, reading books on heartache, searching the internet, quickly finding a new relationship and so on. However, there are just no rules on how to recover from a broken heart.
13th May 2022

Imposter Syndrome

Therapy can help in changing feelings of perceived fraudulence, anxiety, and any other emotional issue. Hypnotherapy could also help you to resolve the lack of self-regard which lays beneath the imposter syndrome.
6th January 2022

Divorce and Break Up

Are you frequently thinking about the relationship in your mind; go to sleep thinking about your ex-partner? Still carry strong emotions about your former partner? You logically know it’s time to let go, but your head won’t let you?