Past Life Regression

21st June 2014

Fear of being sick – Emetophobia

Fear of being sick – Emetophobia This fear is one of the most common phobias. It is debilitating for anyone suffering with it.  People with this fear tend to avoid public places where there is a likely incident such as a pub or a restaurant. These people will make great detours to avoid such places. For people who have young children it is even more distressing as they cannot cope with their child being sick. The majority of people I have worked with are in a constant state […]
21st March 2014

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression and Therapy We have all lived many lives. Many events and memories of previous past lives are stored within us. However, it can happen that these memories are brought with us to our current life. Unlikely as it may seem these can have physical or emotional effects on us. You will be taken to a very relaxed state in order to discover what the root cause of the problem is. This will allow your body and mind to begin a healing process. Past life regression […]


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