17th September 2021

Life Crisis

Having a midlife crisis sounds almost cliché and yet it hits most people. We give it the name ‘midlife’ but really, a life crisis can happen at any time. It’s often a slow development and then one day we realise there is a problem.
7th September 2021

Questioning Beliefs

Self-care is simply about doing things that make us happy. Activities that we do that make us feel good emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This can range from creating a meal or reading a book to running a marathon
29th May 2020

Inner voice / mental chatter

All the voices, all the noise inside our minds are simply a way to not feel all that stored up the pain. For most people that mental chatter never seems to stop. It's always talking without many breaks. Once we begin to pay attention to feelings and start to trust that we can handle our emotional experiences, the constant chatter will slow down and intrusive thoughts begin to diminish.
27th October 2017
Help with Anxiety

Help with Anxiety

Most people experience anxiety at some point in their lives. For some, however, it can escalate into panic attacks and a constant state of discomfort. For some, anxiety comes on suddenly, while for others it develops over a period of time. It is made worse by the expectancy of it. Often people are not sure what is causing them to feel that way.