13th July 2015

Toilet Anxiety

Most Hull and Beverley people don’t admit to feeling anxious but those who suffer from a toilet phobia are unlikely ever to admit this. They fear humiliation, being laughed at or not being understood. There are a number of fears relating to toilets such as a fear of urinating in public toilets or in the company of others (paruresis). The most common problem occurs when men cannot urinate in the company of others; women too can find it difficult if there are people in the toilet or nearby […]
26th April 2015

Fear of Death and Dying (necrophobia)

Cure the Fear of Death and Dying (necrophobia) with hypnosis. Many people are more afraid of the process of dying than death itself. The only certainty we have in life is ‘death’. And absolutely all living things die. It seems that many people fear death and if it isn’t the fear of one’s own death it will be the death of someone we love. While many people are uncomfortable with the topic there are those who dwell on it incessantly, are anxious when being faced with the topic while […]
25th April 2015

Fear of Crossing Bridges

Quite often the fear of bridges is associated with a fear of heights though this isn't always the case. There are many reason how this fear has come to pass, maybe you witnessed an accident on a bridge, or maybe at some point you looked down and were shocked at the height of it, maybe you or somebody fell off a bridge. However, most people cannot remember how this fear started.
6th April 2015

Fear of Flying and Air Turbulence ( aerophobia aviophobia )

Fear of Flying and Air Turbulence ( aerophobia aviophobia ) Fear of flying is a common fear which can really get in the way of enjoying a holiday or a business trip. Hypnosis can completely eradicate this fear and help to make you more confident about flying. Studies show that one in ten people have a fear of flying while many more people are very uncomfortable about it. This fear affects people in different ways. Each person has their own trigger for it. For those that would like […]