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Anxiety Treatment in Hull

PHOBIAS use HypnotherapyThe majority of clients in Hull and Beverley I see come to me for help with anxiety or even panic attacks. While many of these clients have seen counsellors and been to the doctor they were left feeling the way they did before they sought help. While talking to somebody about your feelings and worries, etc. can be very helpful it isn't always the answer to a deep-seated anxiety problem. In fact it usually isn't. Some fears are so deep and some issues stem from a long time ago that they simply can’t be talked away.

In addition to this many people have no idea why they feel the way they do. In other cases they know exactly when they started feeling anxious but still can’t stop feeling that way.

While working with me in hypnotherapy we will nearly always work on the underlying root causes, no matter whether they are known or not. There are different ways of working with it and I have a very high success rate in terms of releasing and softening anxiety-based issues. Problems that have been there for years often can be shifted in a short space of time under hypnosis.

Clients leave feeling much lighter, better than they've felt for a long time. Anxiety isn't something that should be managed as we don’t have to live with it in the first place. Hypnotherapy can help you to live your life freely and easily.

If you live in Hull, Beverley or East Yorkshire contact me today to book in a session to move forward with me "Sabine Stone".

Driving Anxiety Help

Driving anxiety is a common form of anxiety. It can vary from being so severe that you’re unable to even sit in a car to simply a hesitation to drive. Occasionally, it tends to develop into a phobia. There can be several fears creating this problem including that of losing control; being in an accident; being trapped inside the car in a traffic jam or fear of fainting.
driving phobiasThe signs of driving anxiety are no different from any other form of anxiety. You feel very scared and everything possible is done to avoid these feelings. It can have an enormous impact on your life, especially when driving is part of a job or something that has to be done every day.
The reasons for this anxiety can vary.  Sometimes the causes are known, maybe because the person has experienced or witnessed an accident. However, often enough there doesn’t seem to be a plausible reason for the fear.
However, there is no need to suffer from anxiety. Why go through life with a handicap that really isn’t needed?

Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of unconscious fears and phobias. Contact me today!

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