low self-esteem

5th October 2013

FEARS and PHOBIAS use Hypnotherapy

One type of issue that I work with frequently are fears and phobias. There are hundreds of recognised phobias and probably even more that aren’t recognised. A phobia is an irrational fear often leading to a very irrational response, an extreme reaction. Many people suffer from phobias and quite often have panic attacks triggered by phobias. A doctor can do very little about it other than prescribe drugs. The aim whenever I work with phobias is to either considerably reduce the phobia or to completely eliminate it. This […]
25th September 2013


By self-esteem we mean how a person feels himself or herself. If you find it hard to say anything good about yourself or couldn’t possibly answer ‘yes, ‘I like and approve of myself’ you may be suffering from low self-esteem. Most people experience it at some point in their lives but some people have constant low self-esteem. Signs of low self-esteem tend to be ‘feeling hopeless’, ‘bored with life’, ‘having no motivation’, and ‘feeling tired much of the time’. There are many causes that can determine why one […]