Stop Smoking

25th September 2015

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Tobacco has been around for centuries but it is only been fairly recently known that smoking can be harmful. There is so much evidence that points to the danger of smoking and yet people still find it a habit that is difficult to stop. There are hundreds of reasons why people smoke, for example boredom, peer pressure, problems in life, work, alcohol etc. Smoking can become addictive quite quickly as nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. For most smokers it takes a little […]
25th September 2014

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis in Hull and Beverley

Hypnotherapy for smoking is one of the most effective ways to stop an unwanted habit whether you’re in Hull or Beverley. It is important that you want to stop smoking for yourself rather than for your partner or friends. At times when somebody else is asking you to stop and pushing you it can be a little more difficult to get a positive result. Hypnotherapy works by entering into a very relaxed state, a trance-like state when the mind is more open to suggestions. The therapist can introduce […]
26th July 2013
Who comes to see me for Hypnotherapy.

Who comes to see me for Hypnotherapy?

I help people of all ages, all walks of life and all different reasons. Below are 2 examples from the past week keep my clients details private and anonymous. When will your next session be? Hypnotherapy Client Example 1 Sex: Female Age :Mid 50s Reason for Treatment: Anxiety Lives in: Hull How long was the session:  1 and half hours Reapeat Client: Yes, has been twice before What job do they have: Office work Where did the treatment take place: Came to my house Hypnotherapy Client Example 2 […]