31st May 2016

Eating Disorders – Hypnotherapy can be a great help!

People who suffer from an eating disorder tend to have an unhealthy attitude towards food. Most people who suffer with an eating disorder don’t feel understood. Usually they don’t like the way they look and constantly think about weight or body shape. It is also quite common to eat in strange cycles or to eat less and less. There are different types of eating disorders but all of them can have devastating results. Eating disorders are very serious as they change the way one thinks and behaves. They […]
14th May 2014

Eating only certain foods – Treatment Hypnotherapy

We had a client who had an issue that needed help with only been able to eat certain foods and wanted to try a second session after a positive first one. Client profile • Sex: Male • Age :17 years old • Reason for Treatment: Eating only certain foods • Lives in: Beverley • How long was the session: 1 and 30 mins • Repeat Client: Second session of hypnosis • What job do they have: Student • Where did the treatment take place: Came to my practice in […]