stop biting nailsNail biting is a very common habit. It tends to start in childhood and continuous throughout adult life. Many nail biters are embarrassed about their habit. The habit is usually made worse by stress or anxiety. It is an unconscious behaviour and many people bite their nails in inappropriate situations.

Hypnotherapy can help you to relax, help you to cope with stressful situations. Hypnosis can help you to break this unconscious habit.

No matter how much you make up your mind to stop biting your nails, quietly your hands creep toward your mouth and before you know it, you’re chewing again. Conscious decisions can be powerful but often the problem is that you haven’t addressed the need that drives you to nail bite.

Stopping or Habit Breaking

I help clients regularly to take control of their lives by breaking frustrating habits. Have you had enough of being dictated to by a cigarette? Have you tried quitting but it just didn’t work out? Are you using artificial cigarettes that are full of chemicals? Or maybe you stopped and suddenly feel very anxious all the time? Or just maybe you managed to stop only to put on weight?

Sabine Hypnotherapist[quote]I can most certainly help you.[/quote]
Most habits have an emotional root cause which is the reason why many habits are difficult to break. Hypnosis is very effective in breaking subconscious associations. An example of this could be someone who can’t stop themselves from over-eating or snacking. The reason for these negative habits could be because of boredom, loneliness or anxiety, etc.

If a person tries to change these habits by simply using willpower, the chances are that at some point the will-power will fade because all the emotions causing the problem are still there and the over-eating and snacking will come back. A behaviour, such as overeating, smoking, nail-biting, etc. doesn’t satisfy the feeling, all it does is distract from the feeling for a short time. However, with hypnosis it is possible to tackle both, behaviour and emotion, at the same time and take control of one’s eating habits.

Would you like to lose weight effectively?

Use hypnosis!

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