Fear of Death and Dying (necrophobia)

Cure the Fear of Death and Dying (necrophobia) with hypnosis.

Fear of Death and Dying hypnosisMany people are more afraid of the process of dying than death itself. The only certainty we have in life is ‘death’. And absolutely all living things die. It seems that many people fear death and if it isn’t the fear of one’s own death it will be the death of someone we love. While many people are uncomfortable with the topic there are those who dwell on it incessantly, are anxious when being faced with the topic while in conversation, reading about it or if they come across it in some way in day to day life.
Most people can understand to some extent the fear of dying; however, those that have a deep fear find that it interferes with their every-day life. This phobia can lead to panic attacks and often people are scared when they are not in complete control.
The fear of dying is very common and if you live in Hull, Beverley or surrounding areas in Yorkshire, hypnosis is an excellent way to release this fear completely. Sometimes people have memories of when this fear started but more often than not people are unaware of what may have caused it. This makes no difference to the hypnotherapy treatment. Either way the sufferer can be free to live a life free of fear.

FEARS and PHOBIAS use Hypnotherapy

One type of issue that I work with frequently are fears and phobias. There are hundreds of recognised phobias and probably even more that aren’t recognised. A phobia is an irrational fear often leading to a very irrational response, an extreme reaction. Many people suffer from phobias and quite often have panic attacks triggered by phobias.

PHOBIAS use HypnotherapyA doctor can do very little about it other than prescribe drugs. The aim whenever I work with phobias is to either considerably reduce the phobia or to completely eliminate it. This is done in a variety of ways, sometimes by regressing back to the root cause of the fear, sometimes by using hypnotic suggestions, sometimes by using NLP techniques that can often work very quickly and successfully.

For me as a therapist it is very satisfying to help a client get his life back. I have dealt with many phobias, the most common ones probably being fear of flying, fear of snakes, fear of water, fear of vomiting, agoraphobia and claustrophobia.

Hypnotherapy is probably the finest treatment process for fears and phobias, and works in the vast majority of cases.

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Hypnosis Cure for body awareness Phobia

bikini phobiaMany women have a fear or phobia of body awareness whilst on holiday or around the pool area in the UK.

This is down to exposing parts of the body not normally seen by other people in public and the phobia of what other people think of them.

I can offer Hypnosis to overcome your fears of wearing a swim or sun wearso that you can enjoy you time wearing it whether on holiday or in a pool area.